Agent Services

Ship Agents In All Egyptian Ports

  • 24/7 attendance at all Egyptian ports
  • Clearance and Issuance of cargo documents
  • Ship, crew and passenger service
  • Arranging marine surveys
  • Engineering services
  • Fast and reliable service with competitive PROFORMA D / A
  • Full Agency Services
  • Ship Chandlers Services
  • Crew Change
  • Spare Parts handling
  • Repairs
  • CTM & Bunkering Services


security guards arrangement’s / store kits at Suez


ship’s repairs & workshops  


Chartering is handled via our world wide relation network with the aim of getting the most out of every cargo and seeing that you also will have a through update and our best services during the exclusive charter period.

We specialize in chartering vessels for the following goods: Urea, Minerals (clay – feldspar – salt- silica sand), Cement (clinker – cement), Steel production (Steel bars – steeb billets), Vegetables (potatoes – citrus-onions)


Ship brokers

The company has a team of dedicated brokers, who are constantly in touch with the market and are capable of advising the clients about the changing market scenario. We have been successful in establishing a very close working relationship with a number of ship owners and charters and offer them the highest level of personalized service.


Project Cargo Handling

We have specialized personnel for Cargo Handling Services, we also have access to the range of material handling equipment. We offer project cargo handling services. We can arrange all kinds of material transportation aids for sea and overland operations at ease.


Ship Bunkering Supply    

Bunker, Lubeoil and Fresh Water Supply

Sludge and garbage collection

General Ship Supply

Delivery of ship’s spares and stores

Provision and store supply

Anti piracyEquipments

Ropes  and charts

Safety Equipments, etc.

Delivery of ship’s spares and stores

Provision and store supply

Ropes  and charts

Safety Equipments, etc.

Bunker survey 

Cargo Condition Survey And Cargo Tallying

Delivery services. (cash to master, spare , mail and store)

Supervision Of Ship Repair & Dry Docking 

At Alexandria & Suez ship yards

Underwater Cleaning services 

Hull Cleaning – Propeller Polishing – Inspections – Repairs – ( Most Of Egyptian Ports )

Ships Flagging and documentation:

We also have contacts and deals with some flag authorities and contacts for help owner’s changing flags as we work with Holland and Malta and Delaware as well Panama.