About Us

WE are NAVIGATOR MARITME SERVICES – located in Egypt with further partners worldwide.

We are officially started since 2007 we offer a comprehensive maritime service like agency services- yacht brokerage and Mega Yachts builders –maintenance for all types of vessels and boats in All Egyptian ports – and Worldwide Transportation weather with our crew or by our contacted carrier’s, as well supply and arrange documentations or flags registry

We implicate good relations with all ship owners, brokers and operators – even captains. This is what makes our service so powerful.

We sell all types of vessels and also render all information of vessels, owners & charters worldwide.

We also offer your vessel with a capable crew and all type of provisions.

We help you to find the vessel or Yacht your looking for – so we are the quick way to your maritime investment!

We also can build all types of vessels and boats for the best prices and can deliver by our contracted  ship-yards in Egypt or partner yards

As Yacht Dealer and builder, we offer all types of services for all ships beside our main specialized field as boat brokers or builder’s and advisor . We also offer the best options for boat buyers like refitting, certificates and legalization as well changing ownership.

We offer service ‘after sales e’ for maintenance, refitting and inspections even can find a charter or a business plan etch We hope to fulfill and satisfy all our clients expectations and always try to find the road for clients to success by advise them with the best options and quality of build.

Why we are the short way to the sea.

our company has a complete services with a big team or expert Sailors or Architects and Engineers we help you to choose the best boat option to operate in the place you need and we give advises and arrange the necessary documents for the area to go and have the solution as well advise of the seaworthy of the boat in this area if not a good idea as like of the people comes first in our mind and we can advise which is good for this area and which boat is the best you can only make your agreement with us at the boat purchase or build and we delivery anywhere you wish

Additional work we do

We also act as Maritime assist for boats and vessels owner for call vessels in order to supply some food or fuel or spare parts.

We Act as agent In All Egyptian port’s and even Suez Canal Transit with competitive price and good services,

Our target in service to safe the client money and time because also time is money and extend for the world more and more.

Our legal team also ready to Help you in any document problem as well ships security.

We are ready to arrange all purchase and complete all boats you intend to purchase